Two years

Two years Try to consider its sensitivity, planning various changes in family life.

Two years age at which it is necessary to encourage sociability.

In years children still almost do not play together.

But they very much like to watch games of each other and it is simple to go about the own business nearby from each other.

Do not feel sorry for time and forces to provide to the twoyearold child society of other children at least several times a week.

Before the child learns to share the toys and to participate in games of children, he has to spend some months in children's society, simply getting used to it.

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For big cuts

For big cuts Bandages.

Material for bandage depends on the size and an arrangement of a wound.

The small in advance prepared bandage are suitable almost for all small wounds.

For big cuts and scratches use sterile gauze squares which are on sale ready in a bag.

It is possible to use a pure cotton rag.

It is better to fix them on skin narrow tapes of a sticky plaster at small children bandage are quickly unwound.

Bandage have to fit conveniently wounded part of a body, then from them there will be an advantage.

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The Kcal

The Kcal The number of excrements does not matter if a consistence a calla normal and the child well puts on weight.

The Kcal of the child eating cow's milk happens light yellow or beige color.

However at some newborn kcal reminds soft fried eggs or slices of cottage cheese in the liquid environment.

If the child feels well and normally puts on weight, you have nothing to worry.

The most often found difficulty which arises at artificial feeding, is a predisposition to locks see section .

In the first months the children who are on artificial feeding seldom have liquid, greenish or stvorozhenny a kcal.

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How she consults? It? She does

How she consults? It? She does How she consults?


She does not consult in any way, all under pressure, all with fight!

If I did not fight, unless it would hold on to the seventh class?

But, maybe, it is necessary for it according to the special program to study?

It that, for fools to send it to school?

No, at us never in a family such happened.

But, you know, I not want to talk about school there I coped with all!

I cannot cope with the daughter in any way!

And after all I to descent do not give it, I punish for everything.

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Pull him even

Pull him even For example, the child insists that you with him played, and you were already tired.

Be not afraid to tell it cheerfully, but it is firm: And now I will read the book, and you esteem the.

If your child goes obstinate and does not want to give a toy to other child to whom it is time to go home, try to distract at first him something but if it does not work well, do not think that you have no right to lose patience.

Pull him even if he cries out and escapes.

Anger of the child the natural phenomenon, and the child needs to explain it.

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